Road Test Preparation & Car Rental for G2


When you choose to rent the instructor’s car for your road test, the advantage lies in the familiarity and comfort gained from having learned to drive in our vehicle. This familiarity translates into a more confident and relaxed experience on the day of your road test, contributing to a smoother and more successful examination process. The continuity of practicing in the same vehicle enhances your overall readiness and ensures that you approach the road test with a heightened level of comfort and confidence.

$160 to rent our car for the G2 road test 

1 Hour Practice Included Before the test


Instructors at Nalia’s DRIVING SCHOOL in Ottawa, understand the difficulties young driver’s faces during the training process. When you enroll in our driving training program, we will prepare you for every stage and how to pass driving test in Ottawa. Nalia’s driving training program focuses on the very basics, how to take prompt actions in panic situations and help to pass your test. We ensure to make our students confident drivers and to drive safely when on the road. Our driving program enables and prepares the new drivers in passing your road test and to get the license fast.

  1. Don’t have a car? We got you covered.
  2. Do you need a car to do your road test, we are here.
  3. Do you need test preparation, we are here.
  4. $160 to rent our car for the G2 road test 
  5. 1 Hours Practice Included Before the test

When you rent the instructor Car for your road test, since you learned to drive in our vehicle you will be more comfort and familiar with the car on the day of your road test.