Beginner Driver Education (BDE Course)


The Course Includes

  • 20 hours of online lessons. (Self-study)
  • 10 hours online homework. (Self-study)
  • 10 hours of private one-on-one in car driving lessons.  ( With the driving Instructor )


What is BDE course? Beginner Driver Education. BDE Course is a driving course approved by MTO Ministry of Transportation Ontario.

Students are required to finish ( 30 hours Online lessons + 10 hours in-vehicle training )

Once the online portions of the program are complete, the in-vehicle training can begin.

All private in-vehicle lessons are pick-ups from home, school, or an arranged meeting place.

This course covers all the rules to drive safely accompanied by practical driving lessons in the car.

We Need :

  1. Picture of your driver license.
  2. Your phone Number.
  3. Your E-mail address.
  4. E-transfer of $620 + Tax to
  5. You will receive a message with a link for the in-class online, open it and complete it.